Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How's It Feel to Get Hammered? 

Watching Tom Delay's sputtering, flatulent response to his indictment has been both infuriating and amusing. I can't tell whether he's being ironic when he claims that it's all partisan politics, 'cause I can't help but think of a certain time about, oh, eight years ago when all kinds of charges were being thrown at a certain Chief Executive because he had a "D" after his name -- and all the "R's" insisted that there was nothing partisan about it.

How's it feel, Tommy-boy? Oh, but of course you're probably far more nervous because a) there's real evidence of your wrong-doing and b) you committed an actual crime that didn't involve a blowjob. And if you really, sincerely think that it's because you're a Republican -- we'll, you're just as deluded as Michael Brown, the entire Cabinet and the Drunk in the White House.

Sorry, kids, but it looks like it's game over for DeLay's political career, and, in the words of Shakespeare, he's been hoist by his own petar. (And or petard, depending on which edition you've read.) Even funnier was all the quick scrambling today, as the Republicans quickly announced one appointment for Majority leader, then realized, "Oops. He's a homo..." and announced another. They didn't comment on the reasons for the switch, but everyone else did.

And it's becoming more and more obvious that the Republican Party truly has fallen apart from the inside out, devolving from media and PR masters to a gang of keystone cops who can't make a move without running into each other. Their showcase governor, The Gropenator, has fallen so far in the polls that he'd probably lose an election to Gray Davis tomorrow; W's poll figures have followed; DeLay is indicted -- Frist and Rove may soon follow; Michael Brown amply demonstrates his total incompetence before Congress; a couple of hurricanes prove that all this wailing over Homeland Security has been utter bullshit...

Prediction: it will only get worse for the GOP, and we'll see a few sacrifical lambs ejected before December. But, because of the infighting and finger-pointing, they're going to lose control of the narrative and the election, and 2006 will bring a housecleaning the likes of which we haven't seen since the midterms of 1994.

That's one of the disadvantages of holding all three branches of government, you see. When that government fucks up, big time, over and over, there's only one party to blame. And there's no way in hell the Republicans can point and say, "This is the Democrats' fault." That dog don't hunt. Just like DeLay's protests that his indictment is a partisan witchhunt. Dude, bullshit. You're screwed, blued and tattooed on a paper-trail, and I hope you get the full two years in Federal prison with a very big, very horny, very psychopathic cellmate who has a thing for unattractive, weasly executive types.

That's what happens when you try to screw the People, bubbie. Eventually, they figure it out and you get screwed back. Just ask Oliver Cromwell about that one...

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