Friday, November 03, 2006

Imagine This... 

Think Iraq is going swimmingly? Well, I can't put you in the mindset of an Iraqi, but let's play what-if in the US...

What if China decided that George Bush and his Rogue Regime were a danger to the world, and invaded our country? Bombed the shit out of our major cities, put Chinese troops everywhere, eventually hunted down and captured Bush and put him on trial for war crimes. In the meantime, they held an election, guarded and officiated by the Chinese, in which the choices were the three biggest pro-Chinese American politicians who had probably been fringe groups beforehand.

They made a big show of pulling down the Washington Monument, but only a hundred people, mostly Greens, showed up to cheer.

Three years later, you have no electricity, no fresh water, half your house is patched up with garbage bags and duct tape, and you risk your life every time you walk outside.

To try to "fix" things, the Chinese want to give the Midwest to Christian Fundamentalists, the west coast to secular humanists, and the east coast to Jews and College professors.

First question: regardless of political party or leaning, what would your reaction be to a foreign invader coming into our country? I don't know about you but -- I'm Liberal as hell, and I'd be one of the first people getting his hands on assault weapons to try to drive the MFers back into the sea.

Second question: regardless of your thoughts about George Bush and his Regime, how would you react to a foreign government trying to topple him? Honestly, I hate his guts and think he should be on trial for war crimes -- but that's for Americans to decide. Believe it or not, if it were a foreign power trying to pull him out of office, I'd do my damnedest to say, "Hey, screw you. We're the only ones who can decide his fate."

Third question: Foreign troops are patrolling your cities and making your life miserable. You and some friends have figured out how to use common household chemicals to make bombs and screw with them. Do you passively sit by and watch your neighborhood get raped, or do you fight back as best you know how?

Oh -- forgot to mention: lots of people you know, close personal friends, have been put in prison or killed, and the ones who aren't dead are being tortured by the evil invaders. Their children are being raped, their houses are being bombed or bulldozed, and, as far as you know, their only crime was walking down the wrong street at the wrong time.

And, okay, you live on the west coast and hate the Christian Fundies -- but they hate the invaders as well -- and when it comes right down to it, all of you are Americans first. So you start to get involved with anti-Invader Christians and East Coast Jewish Intellectuals, and you all work together to figure out how to really screw up the invaders at every possible opportunity.

And they claim to have given you Democracy, except that they guy they've put in power isn't really living up to their standards and it's clear that they're not happy with the election and how it went...

Should I go on? The real question is this: if this little scenario happened in America, how many years would you fight the invader? How long would you resist? How quickly would you forget that you really hated the leader they toppled, but don't care anymore? Or -- loved the leader they toppled, and will resent the invaders forever?

THAT is Iraq today. THAT is the Iraq that will be for the next generation, and THAT is a war that America cannot win. To paraphrase an old 80s movie about Nuclear War, the only way to win is to not play. At this point, the only way to "win" is to get the hell out.

If America were invaded by China, political and religious and racial divisions in this country would vanish instantly. Suddenly, everyone would be considered an American, whether Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Jew, Buddhist, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Liberal, Conservative. The KKK and the NAACP would be in the trenches together, because all the BS divisions wouldn't mater any more. The only enemies would be those perceived to be helping the invaders.

That is what we have done to Iraq. Yeah, there are still Sunnis and Shiites but, for the moment, they're not that. They're Iraqis, and we're messing around in their homeland, and they will not stop until we're gone.

This is the fundamental fact that W and Company cannot, will not, refuse to understand. And that is why, next Tuesday, you must vote for those candidates who oppose the war; those candidates who will grow the balls to stop the madness and impeach and imprison the idiots responsible.


Every other issue is bullshit. Gay marriage? Environment? Morals? Family Values? Even the Economy? Bullshit.

Before next Tuesday, go do some research on the Vietnam War and Watergate. The problem facing this country now makes those issues look as quaint as the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Yes -- our dictator needs to be overthrown, put on trial and punished for his crimes. But it's up to the American people to do it, and we have that power on November 7th. Let's hand these morons their asses on that day, then demand that a New Congress do the right thing and get the hell rid of them all, now.

Remember: Clinton's blowjob didn't cost 3,000 American lives.

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