Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Stop Mexico 

Much has been made today over Hillary Clinton bitching and whining about how "drug demand" in the US fuels the current Civil War in Mexico, but she misses the point.

Want to castrate every drug lord in Mexico tomorrow? Then legalize all the drugs in America today. It's that simple. It's not people in American who want DRUGS that fuel the power of the Mexican cartels. It's that those drugs are ILLEGAL.

Make them legal, sold by the Federal Government, much cheaper than the criminals can do so, but mostly taxed. Instant result? Crime Lords have no income. Federal Government makes an assload in taxes, regular folk get their drugs much cheaper while paying a lot more in taxes. Less crime, more income, Mexican drug lords have no more income, hence become a minor nuisance.

Hey, Washington -- which part of this simple formula do you not get? Legalize, sell, profit. Are we really going to have to drag the guillotines into the public square to get you assholes to finally "get" it?

I'm afraid we might. We managed to dump one dictator legally. Are we going to have to eject a bunch of turncoats by force?

Are you listening, Hillary? How to solve the Mexico Problem? Solve the America Problem first... legalize, and every drug lord in Mexico will be as powerless as a puppy tomorrow.

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