Monday, May 26, 2008

The Last Coffin Nail 

She seems to be the last person on Earth to know it, but Hillary Clinton effectively ended her blind ambitions to be President when she pulled her little "RFK" gaffe. Her campaign is now trying to back-pedal by claiming that Obama is "fanning the flames" and making a big deal about this.

But, come on. It is a big deal. Presidential candidate basically equates her opponent with an assassinated candidate from days gone by, threatening the danger of his assassination by proxy. In addition, she exploits the proven age gap in Obama supporters -- people Obama's age and younger support him; people older support her. And... if you do the math, it turns out that RFK's assasination plays to the Hillary crowd. It's code for "don't set us up to lose."

Hillary Clinton was born in October, 1947. When JFK was assassinated, she was only 16 -- not exactly a politically aware age. When RFK was killed, though, she was 20 -- in college and, as she's emphasized herself, very politically active. To a young liberal at that time, the death of RFK would have been the end of the world. The Young Knight, Prince Apparent via the murder of his older brother, was going to be the next president. And then... blam. The hope was erased on the way to the victory party.

Barack Obama was born in August, 1961. He would have no direct memory of JFK, and might remember the death of RFK as some abstract childhood memory. His first exposure to assassination would come in his sophomore year of college -- making no impression when Ronald Reagan is not assassinated in March, 1981, but making a very deep impression when John Lennon was successfully assassinated three months and 22 days earlier.

In other words, Clinton's baby boomer fawners would read her comments as "Someone gonna kill Obama, vote for me", while Gen Xers would read her words as "I'm gonna kill Obama if he doesn't drop out."

I think I know which group has a stronger grasp on reality -- and that is why Hillary should just drop out now.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll 

Not to belittle the tragedy in China due to an Earthquake, but... can anyone have any doubt at all now that a) Feng Shui is total horseshit and b) Tibet is getting proxy justice? The worst earthquakes in America kill a few dozen people. China has, historically, been the worst place to be in a quake, and this one is no exception. I'm not theistic by any stretch of the imagination, but if I were I'd call this killer tembler divine retribution for the poor treatment of Tibet by China, a holy wake-up call that they better get their shit together before calling the attention of the world on their little PR Fest in August.

I'd love nothing more than if the Commie Trolls in Gray Suits in Beijing lost their Divine Mandate because of this earthquake. I'd love nothing more than if it totally derailed their plans to try to play nice during the Olypmics. I'd love nothing more than if this quake were the death-knell Katrina of the evil regime in power.

One can only hope. At the very least, the people in south-west China should be royally pissed that their government let them live in conditions that have led to death tolls in the tens of thousands -- and then go all
Tiananamen Square on the assholes in power.

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A Public Service Announcement 

I'd heard about this being a problem in other cities, but over the last three days have seen it be a problem in LA at least four times. That is -- idiot drivers who don't pull over when an emergency vehicle approaches with lights and sirens blazing.

It's real simple, folks. As soon as you hear the siren or see the lights, check to see where they're coming from. If the siren is approaching, pull over to the right and stop. If you can see the lights, definitely pull over to the right and stop.

It can't get much easier than that. Ambulance, fire engine, police car approaching? Get the hell out of the way. The thirty seconds you'll have to stop are nothing compared to the thirty extra seconds an emergency vehicle may take if you don't get your spoiled, stupid ass out of the way. And thirty seconds can be the difference between life an death.

The most heinous example of siren stupidity happened to me tonight. I drove away from work. Not fifty feet from the driveway, sirens approached. I couldn't pull over any further to the right, so stopped in the right lane, next to parked cars. A fire engine was approaching from ahead... and the asshat in the car behind be honked twice, pissed off that I was blocking his way. After his second honk, I yelled back at him, "Siren, asshole." He tried to pass me, then realized an emergency vehicle was approaching. Well, duh.

I really have no objection to all emergency vehicles being armed with Google Map Cameras, which activate as soon as they hit the siren. They'd photograph all cars on their route, then someone would review the footage on their return, and use captured license plate data to send hefty tickets and summonses to triple traffic school to the morons who don't give right of way.

It's a problem I've seem time and again -- especially when the emergency vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction. People seem to have forgotten that the concept of "pull over to the right and stop" is universal. The only time you don't do that for an oncoming emergency vehicle is when you're travelling on a divided road -- when the "divided" is by a concrete barrier. Otherwise -- get the hell over, because that oncoming vehicle is likely to swing into your lanes of traffic to get around the assholes who haven't pulled over in their lanes.

Once upon a time, a siren would clear all lanes of traffic in both directions. For some reason in LA, that isn't likely anymore. And the only way to stop it is to yank the license from any twatwaffle who thinks shortening their commute is more important than saving the life on the other end of that siren. Arm police, fire and medical vehicles with evidence gathering technology, then let the chips fall where they may.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Hillary.... Quit! 

I said it a month ago, but I'll say it again -- Hillary, it's over. Quit. Drop out of the race. Throw your support behind Obama. The General Public isn't buying your shit no more, does not want to stretch 28 years of Bush/Clinton into 32. Roll it up, shove it in your carpet bag and be content with the fact that you will never be president, ever.

Obama's campaign slogan is change, and that's what the voters are leaning toward. Go away gracefully, go away quietly, do not try to be VP. Go back to your adopted state of New York and try to make it better. It's quite clear by now that we do not want you as president. Period.


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Monday, May 05, 2008

First Lady Palooza 

We had not one, but two stupid statements by First Ladies present and former today.

First, present First Lady Laura Bush criticizes the government of Burma for its lack of disaster preparedness in light of the cyclone that killed thousands to day. And all I can think is I want to walk up to that podium, and shout, "Katrina, biatch!" in her face. This was a blatant example of pot, kettle and black -- and the mainstream media didn't even attempt to draw the connection. For shame.

Second, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made bold promises of a three month "gas tax holiday". There's just one problem -- her big tax break doesn't amount to a whole lot. The idea is to suspend the Federal gas tax for three months. Well, let's do the math for me...

The Federal gas tax is 18.5 cents per gallon. Now, I fill up about every three weeks. In three months, there are thirteen weeks, so that means I'd fill up my tank about 4.3333 times. My usual fill-up is 10.5 gallons, so that's 45.5 gallons of gas. Knock 18.5 cents off of that, I'd save a whopping $ 8.42. Gee, thanks, Hillary. That'll buy me an extra 2.16 gallons of gas, or less than a fifth of a tank.

Now, my gas usage is probably a lot less than the norm, because I have a three mile commute. But let's assume a commuter with a longer trip and worse mileage. Put them in an SUV, with the typical fill-up being 25 gallons, and one fill-up per week. That's 325 gallons in three months, or a savings of $ 60.13 -- less than a full tank. And, to look at it another way, people who spend the most on gas benefit the most, so those who drive gas-guzzling, environmentally unfriendly vehicles see the biggest pay-off.

Or, in other words, Hillary Clinton's little tax plan is very anti-environmental, and favors those who can afford over-priced SUVs and suburban homes. The part-time, single mother store clerk who takes the bus to work gets absolutely nothing.

And you thought the former first lady was Liberal? Ha.


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