Monday, May 26, 2008

The Last Coffin Nail 

She seems to be the last person on Earth to know it, but Hillary Clinton effectively ended her blind ambitions to be President when she pulled her little "RFK" gaffe. Her campaign is now trying to back-pedal by claiming that Obama is "fanning the flames" and making a big deal about this.

But, come on. It is a big deal. Presidential candidate basically equates her opponent with an assassinated candidate from days gone by, threatening the danger of his assassination by proxy. In addition, she exploits the proven age gap in Obama supporters -- people Obama's age and younger support him; people older support her. And... if you do the math, it turns out that RFK's assasination plays to the Hillary crowd. It's code for "don't set us up to lose."

Hillary Clinton was born in October, 1947. When JFK was assassinated, she was only 16 -- not exactly a politically aware age. When RFK was killed, though, she was 20 -- in college and, as she's emphasized herself, very politically active. To a young liberal at that time, the death of RFK would have been the end of the world. The Young Knight, Prince Apparent via the murder of his older brother, was going to be the next president. And then... blam. The hope was erased on the way to the victory party.

Barack Obama was born in August, 1961. He would have no direct memory of JFK, and might remember the death of RFK as some abstract childhood memory. His first exposure to assassination would come in his sophomore year of college -- making no impression when Ronald Reagan is not assassinated in March, 1981, but making a very deep impression when John Lennon was successfully assassinated three months and 22 days earlier.

In other words, Clinton's baby boomer fawners would read her comments as "Someone gonna kill Obama, vote for me", while Gen Xers would read her words as "I'm gonna kill Obama if he doesn't drop out."

I think I know which group has a stronger grasp on reality -- and that is why Hillary should just drop out now.


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