Monday, August 27, 2007

Meet Mitt Romney's Supporters, Chapter 1 

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), who has been top-rated by the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council for his socially conservative, "family-friendly" positions, is an opponent of gay marriage, against expanding hate-crime laws to cover gays and lesbians, and voted against extending employment discrimination laws for the same groups.

He was busted in an airport men's room in Minneapolis, trying to solicit some hot gay sex from an undercover officer, and he pled guilty. But its okay, because he plays the ultimate hypocrite, and votes against the very behavior in which he engages.

This has been a brief introduction to Mitt Romney's supporters. More to follow as the rap sheets pile up.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Sixteen Traitors 

Although the story was reported on Friday, I wasn't able to find the real story until today. The story is the Senate (and then the House) basically rolling over, playing dead and allowing BushCo to spy on us for six months. Now, it isn't a surprise when Republicans act in such a lock-step manner. What is the surprise -- or not a surprise, but a gut-wrenching shock -- is that sixteen Democratic senators voted in favor of giving Herr Bush this power.

It's also the real story, and yet not a single news source reported the identities of these Republicans in Democratic clothing. Then again, seeing as how the Senate's record of Roll Call Vote 309 has yet to be updated, maybe it's no surprise that news outlets were too damn lazy to find out the important detail. It wasn't until tonight that, thanks to Pantagraph, I found the roll call vote, which they found via AP.

The roll call vote is the most important part of the story. My first question after reading the original story was, "Who are the Democrats who voted for this descent into fascism?" It's a particularly important question because Senate Bill S. 1927 passed by a vote of 60-28 -- and the Senate had agreed beforehand that passage required a supermajority of 60 votes. Or, to put it another way, if any single one of the traitorous assholes listed below had voted "No" instead, the bill would not have passed.

But that would have been bad, because the President cracked his little whip and demanded they pass this legislation before going on summer recess, and these little bastards caved in. Not a one of them deserves to remain in the Senate, regardless of party. They put their own image above the Constitution. They are scum. The Democrats in the House who followed suit are no better.

The traitorous Senators are:
Arkansas - Lincoln, Pryor
California - Feinstein
Colorado - Salazar
Connecticut - Lieberman (yes, only a pretend Democrat, I know)
Delaware - Carper
Florida - Nelson
Hawaii - Inouye
Indiana - Bayh
Lousiana - Landrieu
Maryland - Mikulski
Minnesota - Klobuchar
Missouri - McCaskill
Nebraska - Nelson
North Dakota - Conrad
Pennsylvania - Casey
Virginia - Webb
If you're in their state, give them a call and express your disappointment. There is no way they can justify this vote. It isn't protecting us from jack shit, it isn't helping stop a single terrorist plot. All it's doing is further shredding the Constitution, and making the concept of America less meaningful by the day.

I'm sure "the terrorists" have already figured out what the public seems to have not caught onto yet: they don't need to do a damn thing to destroy America. Our government is already doing such a good job of it themselves.

One single Senator. That's all it would have taken on Friday to stop this madness. That's all it would have taken in 2000 to actually investigate the fraudulent election that has led us into this mess. We may have put the Democrats in power with a legitimate election in 2006, but they've turned around and perpetrated another fraud on us by not doing what the hell we sent them all to Washington to do.

Fuck 'em all. It's time for each of us to pick the third party closest to our own political views, and make sure that people with (R) and (D) after their names don't hold high office ever again in this country.

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