Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lurching Toward Salvation 

I was reminded today of a scene from the film American Beauty, in which Lester Burnham, sufferer of middle-aged crisis who recreates the perfect version of his teen years, is working at a fast-food drive-through, which puts him in the perfect position to catch his wife en flagrante in a car with her Realtor lover, King. Lester looks out the window at them both and, despite the indignity of his uniform, calmly announces, "You... don't get to tell... me what to do... ever again." Mrs. Burnham has absolutely no defense, and no response.

It feels like that's the message the voters are going to give the Republican party in exactly two weeks, and the Republicans know it. They're anxiously peering over their shoulder as they furtively give hand jobs in the parking lot to their rich boyfriends -- the bankers, brokers and other modern vultures -- but they know that they're going to get busted at any second, and are perhaps relieved.

And... they're going to get busted by a man they are afraid of because they categorize him as "Super Liberal". And their greatest fear is about to be realized. The American People are going to look at that label of "Super Liberal", and loudly announce, "Yeah, he is. That's why we want him."

We may finally be back to a Progressive Age, at the extreme opposite end of a pendulum swing started by Ron "Mussolini" Reagan, weighted down and broken at last by George "Worst President Ever" Bush.

Three things to watch. The first two have been ongoing, the third is new, but all are hallmarks of the Liberal Agenda -- and things not to be ashamed of.

Number One: California has already legalized Medical Marijuana. The next step is November's Proposition 5, which will basically take drug offenders out of the penal system entirely, and deal with them as medical cases rather than criminal. This is a good move, and something long over due. The state has already taken the much needed step in many jurisdictions of instructing law enforcement that marijuana "crimes" are to receive the lowest priority. Getting people whose only offense is having drugs that the Federal Government considers illegal out of the criminal system is the next step.

Number Two: Despite the clear State Supreme Court Ruling that the last Proposition outlawing same-sex marriage is, in fact, un-Constitutional, a bunch of busy-body assholes who have nothing better to do have put the same damn proposition on the ballot. Proposition 8 is the same wording that was already struck down by the Supreme Court. If anything, if it is passed, at that instant every couple who has been married since May (gay or straight) has grounds to contest it. But... on the other hand, I have yet to talk to anyone under 30 (hell, or anyone under 50) who thinks Proposition 8 is a good idea. Their basic attitude is this: "I really don't care whether two guys or two girls can get married. I'm more concerned about my 401(k) or my next job..."

Combine this with the amazing engagement of first-time voters, people aged from 18 to 22, also known as College Students, who will be voting in a National Election for the first time in two weeks. They tend to be underrepresented in polls, since they only have cell phones, not landlines, and they also tend to not give a flying fuck over the definition of marriage. We could have a large undercounted voting bloc in this state, one which will tell the Prop 8 people to go fuck themselves, thereby sending a message that may reverberate across the country. "Same-sex Marriage Is Okay to Us."

If California rejects 8, expect the Obama camp to quickly change their tune to be favorable to Same Sex marriage, and expect challenges to Connecticut's jumping on the bandwagon to be cut off at the knees.

Finally, San Francisco is now openly pondering the idea of decriminalizing prostitution, and it couldn't come at a better time. Their bold but simple idea? It should not be illegal to trade money for sex. And, honestly, why the hell should it be illegal? Marriage is just trading financial security for sex (sorry, you Yes on 8 Assholes), and our entire consumer society is based on the idea that spending money on the right clothes/car/house/douche/accessories/deodorant/music will get us laid. Legalizing Prostitution just eliminates the middle-man -- which annoys the hell out of Madison Avenue. "Hm. $ 50,000 for that car, or $ 500 for that whore?" From a consumer viewpoint, it's a no-brainer. A chunk of metal that may or may not work, or a simple business proposition that, for the same price, can get him laid a hundred times. Or turn her into a successful and prosperous businesswoman who is in complete control of the means of (re)production...

Our Youth may save us yet, two weeks from today, and they may be the real ones who step forth on November 4th to deliver Lester Burnham's message: "You don't get to tell me what to do every again." Your morality is based on hypocrisy and bullshit. Our morality is based on Truth.
Please to remember the 5th of November
Sex Workers, Reason and Pot
The morning we woke from our Puritan Hell
Thankful now for the gains that we've got.
And, most important of all, not willing to let go of those gains until the grandchildren of the Children of the 1980s are first qualified to vote -- and by which time the reactionary dinosaurs of the 20th Century may finally all be dead and gone, Conservatism, Puritanism and General Assholiness at last purged forever from our gene pool.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bullshit Is Knee-Deep, Part 2 

Earlier this week, I received a phone call from a Pro-Proposition 8 (California) group. I'm just sorry I missed the call and wound up with the message in voice mail, because otherwise I would have torn this poor, misguided phone banker a new one.

The gist of the script she was reading -- at breakneck speed in a heavy Asian accent -- was this: Was I aware of Proposition 8, and did I know that it defends "traditional" marriage between a man and a woman? And would I vote Yes?

My answers? Yes, no, and hell no. And I'm hoping that a major push in registration of first time and younger voters will knock this crap out, and that Proposition 8 will go down in flames. I hope this because all of the people I know under 30 don't understand the problem. They all have gay friends, and they don't get why it's a problem to allow same-sex marriage. They also don't understand why such a minor thing is a big issue to some people.

To the Yes on 8 people, I have a few questions.

First: California has been marrying same-sex couples for almost five months now. Has the sky fallen? Have we been besieged by locusts, boils, rivers of blood or earthquakes? Has society tumbled to pieces? No on all counts.

Second: Has a single one of those same-sex marriages damaged a single "traditional" marriage in any way, shape or form? Has a straight couple been denied some benefit because Ellen and Portia got hitched? Has a church or clerk refused to marry a straight couple because they were too busy hitching dykes and fags?

I believe the answers to the above are all "No."

But, Prop 8 proponents say, OMG!!!! They'll teach our kids in school that it's okay to be gay. And you know what I say to that? About goddamn time. Flashback fifty years, to when the Prudes were worried that schools would teach that black people are the same as white people. Heaven forbid! That was the same time that society said black people (or Asian people or Hispanic people) could not marry white people. All of those prohibitions have since been removed. End result? People who love each other can get married, in every case. Every case except one.

But, Prop 8 proponents say, OMG!!!! You'll force churches to recognize all marriages, even between a man and his horse!

Torch that Strawman now. See, churches seem to have it backwards when it comes to marriage. No matter what they think, a marriage is sanctified by the law, not the church. A couple could be married by the Pope in the Vatican, but if they don't go through the civil process in their home jurisdiction, they are not married. Period. Now, I have absolutely no problem with a church saying, "Oops, sorry, we won't allow (two men/two women/a mixed-race couple/a mixed-religion couple) to be married in our church. That's fine. That's the First Amendment. That's your right.

However... I'll be damned if I let a bunch of religious lunatics who would rather be living in the 12th Century tell me, or my friends, who they can or cannot marry. And how dare you tell me what my kids can or cannot learn? Personally, I would hope that my children are exposed to all orientations, genders, cultures and beliefs in school, so that they can learn the meaning of tolerance; learn the idea that "Not everyone is exactly like me." That's the first step toward understanding; the first step to eliminating the stupid divisions we have in society.

'Cause you know what, you fundie asshats? The sexual orientation of your kid is decided in the womb, they can't change it, and the worst thing you can do is constantly beat 10% of them over the head with the idea of "You are a goddamn travesty who shouldn't live." Yeah, that's right. There's no such thing as a gay agenda or homosexual conversion. Telling kids in elementary school that being gay is okay will not turn them gay. What it will do is tell the gay kids that they're valid people -- and tell the not gay kids to respect the ones who are gay.

Kind of like how white kids in the 70s got lectures about how the black kids coming to school with them were "normal". But -- you know what? We already knew that when we met them. "Oh. Well, his skin's a little dark, but... hey, he's got more in common with us than we do with those old farts at the front of the room."

So... Pro Prop-8 People? Suck my taint. Pull your heads out of your asses, concentrate on something much more important, like the economy, and let the current generation quietly remove all power from your sorry, hateful, ancient asses. With any luck, your retirement funds were just wiped out, while we have plenty of time for ours to grow back. Enjoy your dogfood, then regret the fact that you can't arrange a same-sex marriage of convenience that would bail your sorry ass out of the mess you've landed in.

Yeah, that's right. Marriage is a civil contract. It's not about sex or procreation. If it were, you'd be lobbying to prevent straight people who don't want to or cannot reproduce from marrying.

But you aren't, because you're all flaming bags of hpocrisy.

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The Bullshit Is Knee-Deep, Part 1 

The absolute lies and total bullshit the imploding McCain Campaign and the Republican Party in general have been spewing the last week or so are appalling. They have no shame anymore. Alaska releases their report on the Troopergate affair, pretty much saying that, yes, Sarah Palin abused her power and committed a crime in harassing and driving out of office a cabinet member.

What do the Republicans do with this, as they try to spin straw into gold? Well, as reported here, they spin the bullshit thusly:
"Today's report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan," said Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapelton. "The report also illustrates what we've known all along: this was a partisan led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern..."
Well, um... no. A) The report pretty much says that Palin stepped outside of her proper and lawful authority, and abused her office and her powers. And, B) Wow. If Obama's people are behind this investigation, then they are damn good, and deserve to be elected -- seeing as how this investigation was in the works long before Sarah Palin was even a gleam in John McCain's rheumy old eyes, and a lot of the people behind it happen to be Alaska Republicans.

Short version of the story -- Sarah, we caught you abusing your children, so to speak, and no amount of winking at us, lying, or claiming that everyone does it will save you. Members of your own party found you guilty, and when you return to Alaska after not being elected in twenty-five days, you are going to truly learn the meaning of the old adage "Payback is a bitch." In arrogantly trying to reach beyond your grasp, you have alienated all your friends back home. In failing to achieve that grasp, you have open their eyes to the possibility that you are not Queen Lord Bitch and, in fact, they can and will defy you with impunity. You may finish up your term as governor, but it will be as a lamer duck than George Bush is now, and you have no chance in hell of being re-elected.

Enjoy your life as a civilian living in a state to which you have brought ample public embarrassment. I have a feeling you're going to find Florida a very likely place for an early retirement. Asshole.


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Quick Question... 

Any members of Congress -- who are the People's employees -- want to clue us in on the "C & R" document that is currently circulating? Since it would have a pretty big impact on our lives, I think we deserve to know the truth.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Catastrophic Failure vs. Imminent Success 

History will probably look back at October 28, 2008 as the night the election was won -- if we can hold off on the dirty tricks and bullshit of the NeoCons for another 28 days. In Presidential Debate #2, Barack Obama mopped the floor with John McCain, and McCain seemed all but too willing to wring himself out and beg, "You missed a corner. Over there."

In contrast to their first debate, both the Pundit Scorecard and the Undecided Voter Emotion-Meter on CNN quickly shot to the Obama position and mostly stayed there. At one point, Obama had 60 pundit votes to McCain's 9, ending the evening somewhere around 59 to 20.

Memo to CNN: add the totals for those votes, okay? Having to repeatedly do the math in my head is annoying, and those fancy graphics are not otherwise illuminating. Except maybe to see that Castellanos hits his vote button like a quarterback on the prom queen.

Obama also sent the undecided Ohio Women to an extended pegging of the maximum "+" position on the meter. Responses to McCain seemed tepid, and more likely to go negative. Surprisingly, men generally voted him lower on the meter than women, which seems counter-intuitive.

National polls are showing Obama now at an outside-the-margin of error win, and anecdotal person on the street interviews from envlaves both red and blue are showing more support for Obama than McCain. The electorate is seeing through the McCain/Palin mudslinging, lying tactics. They are also mad as hell about the implosion of the economy, and no matter how McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, he cannot. To paraphrase the old canard, the only way Obama can lose now is to be caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

Or the NeoCons can pull one last dirty trick, an October Surprise, out of the bag. They've already destroyed the Twin Towers, New Orleans, the Housing Market and the Economy. They don't seem to care who or what they destroy to get their way.

But we have caught on. The NeoCon way is the way of destruction. The way of catastrophic failure of our institutions.

Under W, we have seen a series of catastrophic failures. First, the failure of our security networks, which led to the loss of the World Trade Center Towers and three thousand lives. Then, failure of a bridge in Minnesota, loss of more lives -- because money for infrastructure was directed away to wars of destruction.
Catastrophic failure of both wars, because one was not enough, even though the war in Afghanistan was left unfinished.

Catastrophic failure of "No Child Left Behind", and we lose a good number of public school students, who will go into college only being good at passing standardized tests, but with no developed world view beyond getting the questions right in Math and English. They are doomed to be internet grammar Nazis who can add, panhandling for online change from their parents' basements by writing WOW blogs.

Catastrophic failure of more infrastructure, as predicted, combined with catastrophic failure of FEMA, and we lose New Orleans. Failure to learn from lessons, we lose Galveston.

Failure to learn from McCain's former tricks, and we lose the economy.

Given their track record, I'm guessing that any attempted "October Surprise" would involve the catastrophic failure of something else. But what? The TSA? The airline industry? The power grid? The GWOT, leading to another false-flag attack on the US?

But, after tonight, I'm optimistic that the American People have finally had the blinders removed, are finally seeing through the bullshit, have learned that the last people to trust for the truth are the mainstream media. Maybe, finally, the Bush Cabal has suffered catastrophic failure of their ultimate plans, and their house of cards is about to be toppled from beneath them. Perhaps, in a new Administration with a Democratic super-majority in the Senate, we will finally pass a Constitutional Amendment barring anyone related in the first degree (parent, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent, grandchild in-law) to a former president from ever running for the office. And maybe, in the 2010 midterms and beyond, the American People will learn that there are more than two parties in this country, and will abandon the Republicans and the Democrats in sufficient numbers to finally turn America into a five party system that works on coalitions instead of either/or politics.

From Catastrophic Failure, perhaps America is about to snatch Imminent Success. We can only hope. We only have four weeks to wait.


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