Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bullshit Is Knee-Deep, Part 1 

The absolute lies and total bullshit the imploding McCain Campaign and the Republican Party in general have been spewing the last week or so are appalling. They have no shame anymore. Alaska releases their report on the Troopergate affair, pretty much saying that, yes, Sarah Palin abused her power and committed a crime in harassing and driving out of office a cabinet member.

What do the Republicans do with this, as they try to spin straw into gold? Well, as reported here, they spin the bullshit thusly:
"Today's report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan," said Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapelton. "The report also illustrates what we've known all along: this was a partisan led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern..."
Well, um... no. A) The report pretty much says that Palin stepped outside of her proper and lawful authority, and abused her office and her powers. And, B) Wow. If Obama's people are behind this investigation, then they are damn good, and deserve to be elected -- seeing as how this investigation was in the works long before Sarah Palin was even a gleam in John McCain's rheumy old eyes, and a lot of the people behind it happen to be Alaska Republicans.

Short version of the story -- Sarah, we caught you abusing your children, so to speak, and no amount of winking at us, lying, or claiming that everyone does it will save you. Members of your own party found you guilty, and when you return to Alaska after not being elected in twenty-five days, you are going to truly learn the meaning of the old adage "Payback is a bitch." In arrogantly trying to reach beyond your grasp, you have alienated all your friends back home. In failing to achieve that grasp, you have open their eyes to the possibility that you are not Queen Lord Bitch and, in fact, they can and will defy you with impunity. You may finish up your term as governor, but it will be as a lamer duck than George Bush is now, and you have no chance in hell of being re-elected.

Enjoy your life as a civilian living in a state to which you have brought ample public embarrassment. I have a feeling you're going to find Florida a very likely place for an early retirement. Asshole.


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