Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Catastrophic Failure vs. Imminent Success 

History will probably look back at October 28, 2008 as the night the election was won -- if we can hold off on the dirty tricks and bullshit of the NeoCons for another 28 days. In Presidential Debate #2, Barack Obama mopped the floor with John McCain, and McCain seemed all but too willing to wring himself out and beg, "You missed a corner. Over there."

In contrast to their first debate, both the Pundit Scorecard and the Undecided Voter Emotion-Meter on CNN quickly shot to the Obama position and mostly stayed there. At one point, Obama had 60 pundit votes to McCain's 9, ending the evening somewhere around 59 to 20.

Memo to CNN: add the totals for those votes, okay? Having to repeatedly do the math in my head is annoying, and those fancy graphics are not otherwise illuminating. Except maybe to see that Castellanos hits his vote button like a quarterback on the prom queen.

Obama also sent the undecided Ohio Women to an extended pegging of the maximum "+" position on the meter. Responses to McCain seemed tepid, and more likely to go negative. Surprisingly, men generally voted him lower on the meter than women, which seems counter-intuitive.

National polls are showing Obama now at an outside-the-margin of error win, and anecdotal person on the street interviews from envlaves both red and blue are showing more support for Obama than McCain. The electorate is seeing through the McCain/Palin mudslinging, lying tactics. They are also mad as hell about the implosion of the economy, and no matter how McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, he cannot. To paraphrase the old canard, the only way Obama can lose now is to be caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

Or the NeoCons can pull one last dirty trick, an October Surprise, out of the bag. They've already destroyed the Twin Towers, New Orleans, the Housing Market and the Economy. They don't seem to care who or what they destroy to get their way.

But we have caught on. The NeoCon way is the way of destruction. The way of catastrophic failure of our institutions.

Under W, we have seen a series of catastrophic failures. First, the failure of our security networks, which led to the loss of the World Trade Center Towers and three thousand lives. Then, failure of a bridge in Minnesota, loss of more lives -- because money for infrastructure was directed away to wars of destruction.
Catastrophic failure of both wars, because one was not enough, even though the war in Afghanistan was left unfinished.

Catastrophic failure of "No Child Left Behind", and we lose a good number of public school students, who will go into college only being good at passing standardized tests, but with no developed world view beyond getting the questions right in Math and English. They are doomed to be internet grammar Nazis who can add, panhandling for online change from their parents' basements by writing WOW blogs.

Catastrophic failure of more infrastructure, as predicted, combined with catastrophic failure of FEMA, and we lose New Orleans. Failure to learn from lessons, we lose Galveston.

Failure to learn from McCain's former tricks, and we lose the economy.

Given their track record, I'm guessing that any attempted "October Surprise" would involve the catastrophic failure of something else. But what? The TSA? The airline industry? The power grid? The GWOT, leading to another false-flag attack on the US?

But, after tonight, I'm optimistic that the American People have finally had the blinders removed, are finally seeing through the bullshit, have learned that the last people to trust for the truth are the mainstream media. Maybe, finally, the Bush Cabal has suffered catastrophic failure of their ultimate plans, and their house of cards is about to be toppled from beneath them. Perhaps, in a new Administration with a Democratic super-majority in the Senate, we will finally pass a Constitutional Amendment barring anyone related in the first degree (parent, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent, grandchild in-law) to a former president from ever running for the office. And maybe, in the 2010 midterms and beyond, the American People will learn that there are more than two parties in this country, and will abandon the Republicans and the Democrats in sufficient numbers to finally turn America into a five party system that works on coalitions instead of either/or politics.

From Catastrophic Failure, perhaps America is about to snatch Imminent Success. We can only hope. We only have four weeks to wait.


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