Monday, May 05, 2008

First Lady Palooza 

We had not one, but two stupid statements by First Ladies present and former today.

First, present First Lady Laura Bush criticizes the government of Burma for its lack of disaster preparedness in light of the cyclone that killed thousands to day. And all I can think is I want to walk up to that podium, and shout, "Katrina, biatch!" in her face. This was a blatant example of pot, kettle and black -- and the mainstream media didn't even attempt to draw the connection. For shame.

Second, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made bold promises of a three month "gas tax holiday". There's just one problem -- her big tax break doesn't amount to a whole lot. The idea is to suspend the Federal gas tax for three months. Well, let's do the math for me...

The Federal gas tax is 18.5 cents per gallon. Now, I fill up about every three weeks. In three months, there are thirteen weeks, so that means I'd fill up my tank about 4.3333 times. My usual fill-up is 10.5 gallons, so that's 45.5 gallons of gas. Knock 18.5 cents off of that, I'd save a whopping $ 8.42. Gee, thanks, Hillary. That'll buy me an extra 2.16 gallons of gas, or less than a fifth of a tank.

Now, my gas usage is probably a lot less than the norm, because I have a three mile commute. But let's assume a commuter with a longer trip and worse mileage. Put them in an SUV, with the typical fill-up being 25 gallons, and one fill-up per week. That's 325 gallons in three months, or a savings of $ 60.13 -- less than a full tank. And, to look at it another way, people who spend the most on gas benefit the most, so those who drive gas-guzzling, environmentally unfriendly vehicles see the biggest pay-off.

Or, in other words, Hillary Clinton's little tax plan is very anti-environmental, and favors those who can afford over-priced SUVs and suburban homes. The part-time, single mother store clerk who takes the bus to work gets absolutely nothing.

And you thought the former first lady was Liberal? Ha.


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