Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Beam Me Up, Terri... 

Courtesy of bartcop, on whose site I found this link, a very accurate (and sometimes very funny) dissection of Myths About Terri Schiavo -- and not entirely anti-choicer myths, either. Excerpt:

Theresa Schiavo could get better.

Yes, theoretically, in a parallel universe, two hundred years in the future where Star Trek is actually real, Dr. McCoy could travel back in time and stumble across Mrs. Schiavo and give her a pill (which she couldn't swallow, since swallowing is a conscious action) and she would regrow her cerebral cortex. Mr. Spock would then find the keeper of her katra and restore her personality via a Vulcan Mind Meld™.

But, short of that, no, she won't get better.

Now go read the rest here.

BTW, does it bug any other Italian speakers out there that they keep pronouncing the name "shy-vo", instead of "skee-ah-vo"?

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