Thursday, March 24, 2005

Enough Already 

I don't know which part of "it's over" Jebbie and the Screamers don't understand, but... it's over. Every court approached has come back with the same answer as every other court. Let Terri Schiavo's body die as her brain did fifteen years ago.

And though I'm sure others have had this realizaion, I just have to help spawn the meme myself. Whenever I see these "pro-lifers" holding vigil outside Terri's hospice, praying with "Life" taped over their mouths, I have to ask myself, "Okay, so where were you when W. was trying to start an unjust war in Iraq?"

Where were you, pro-lifers, as American soldiers were sent off to kill and die? Where have you been as the American corpses have come home, in secret? Where were you when tales of torture and sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib surfaced? Where were you when W. signed a law in Texas all but condemning those would couldn't afford health care to the same fate as Ms. Schiavo?

But, most of all and to repeat, where are you as thousands of America's young are being slaughtered for no reason better than to pump more money into Buscheneyburton's deep, deep pockets?

Your failure to act in the past destroys your credibility now. If you're really pro-life, politics wouldn't matter. In reality, you're all a bunch of pro-white, pro-Christian, pro-conservative life nutjobs, and you've proven to the rest of us that, well, the rest of us don't matter to you. So shut up, go away. Game over, you lose.

Or, as you all were so fond of putting it back in 2000...


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