Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fabulous News 

The five best words I've heard this week: "Jerry Falwell in critical condition."

I'm not going to spew any bullshit about people deserving compassion or any of that crap. The sooner this motherfucker keels over, the better for the world. Too bad I don't believe in hell because, if I did, I know that Falwell would find his ass in one of the hottest corners or, better yet, would have an eternal career as Satan's buttplug. Headfirst.

His hatred, lies, greed, hypocrisy, ad infinitum, have done a lot of harm in the last twenty some-odd years.

So, in honor of every single time Falwell showed no compassion or tact or humanity, I'm returning the favor. Rot and die as quickly as you can, scumbag. Most intelligent human beings will celebrate your passing.

PS: Could you arrange to take Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps with you, you sanctimonious prick?

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