Thursday, March 17, 2005


Quoth the asshat in charge: "With time running out in the case, President Bush weighed in on the matter Thursday, saying society and the nation's courts 'should have a presumption in favor of life' on such matters."

This is in regards the Schiavo case, the "right to death" issue in Florida. The Supreme Court rejected an appeal, meaning that Michael Schiavo can finally remove a feeding tube that's been keeping his wife alive since 1990. What's so blazingly hypocritical about W's comments in the matter is this: whenever a death penalty appeal came across his desk while he was governor of Texas, he never spent more than fifteen minutes (most likely) ignoring the information and declaring, "Death."

Or, in other words, if he wasn't a hypocrit, he would have refused to presume in favor of death on such matters, and automatically commuted every death sentence to life in prison.

Funny how the Republicans are so pick and chose when it comes to life and death...

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