Thursday, March 31, 2005


So, where were all the right-to-life religious nutjobs when Bush was lying us into the invasion of Iraq?
"Dawn Kozsey, 47, a musician who was among those outside Schiavo's hospice, wept. 'Words cannot express the rage I feel,' she said. 'Is my heart broken for this? Yes.'"
Sometimes, the urge to bitch-slap a complete stranger is overwhelming. Yo, Dawn -- did you feel such rage over the deaths of over 1500 American soldiers? Have you been taking part in anti-war protests since day one? Or did you just let some fire and brimstone pastor pull your string and point you in the right direction?

I don't know the answers. Maybe Dawn is a sincere war-protestor as well, but I doubt it. I doubt any of those people out there are concerned when our soldiers (or foreign brown people) die in war because, well, "Gott mit uns."

Fortunately, this is probably the last thing I'll have to say about l'Affair Schiavo, seeing as how she finally died this morning, leaving the lunatics nothing tangible to fight for. Long story short, the Terri Schiavo death watch was never about saving her life. The people behind it couldn't have given two warm shits about Terri Schiavo the person. Now that she's gone, lets hope they leave the rest of the people at the hospice alone and just crawl back into their dank holes.

Of course, I'm betting that we'll soon be hearing about the court battle between Ms. Schiavo's parents and her husband over whatever was left of her estate. Someone should explain to the parents now that it all goes to the surviving spouse.

What we won't be seeing though -- ever -- are the same lunatics who were protesting outside the hospice doing the same thing outside a prison before the next execution. Remember, they're into capital punishment. It's how their god allegedly became famous, after all...

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