Friday, April 08, 2005

And Yet... 

Check out my post below, on the military "stop loss" policy that's indenturing soldiers against their will for 35 year stints, and then ponder the stupidity of this situation. At a time when the US armed forces are absolutely desperate to keep their manpower, it's still too much for them to deal with an openly gay soldier.
Stout, who served in Iraq for more than a year as a combat engineer, said by acknowledging he is gay, he could be jailed and probably will be discharged before his scheduled release date of May 31.
Apparently, Stout's 26-member platoon has no problem with his sexuality and yet, thanks to the antiquated horseshit of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," he can be kicked out or jailed or both just for being honest.

Does the military not see the sheer stupidity here? It cuts both ways. They desperately want to keep the soldiers they have, and yet will kick out people who want to serve for the stupidest of reasons. Likewise, any of those stop-lossed soldiers who don't want stay in for the rest of their lives just have to confess to the Chaplain that they've been having "funny" thoughts about their bunkmates, contract terminated.

So, let's see. Can't be in the military, can't get married, can't enjoy the same 1600 federal benefits as straight people... makes me wonder why the hell gay men and lesbians continue to pay taxes. It's not like we're getting much back in return.

Just an April 15th reminder.

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