Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another Effing Turncoat 

Once again courtesy of Eschaton, yet another example of a Republican disguised as a Democrat. Quote from a letter from Ellen Tauscher, head of the New Democrat Coalition, to its members:
We write to let you know that final passage of the [Bankruptcy] Bill will be a key vote for the NDC and to encourage you to support this common-sense, bipartisan legislation.
Hm. Looks to me like "New Democrat Coalition" means "Coalition with the Wingnuts."

You know what? Fuck bipartisan. Were the Republicans bipartisan during the anti-Clinton witchhunt? No. Were they bipartisan during the 2000 Election Controversy? No. Are they now or have they ever been bipartisan? Not since the days of Dwight Eisenhower at least, and possibly not even then.

If one party isn't going to throw roadblocks at the other when necessary, then what's the point of having two parties in the first place? Seems to me the Democrats could do without traitors like Tauscher, Dreier and (biggest Quisling of all) Joe Lieberman. Lets call them Red Democrats, or move them to the party they belong in and call them Blue Republicans.

Or lets just call them Yellow Chickenshit Politicians.

Gang, you're the opposition party. Do your goddamn job. Oppose something, ferchrissakes. Otherwise, you're just wasting oxygen.

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