Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bad Strategy 

Swing State Project notes just how badly Hahn had his ass handed to him in tonights LA Mayoral debate. There was another incident in tonight's debate not mentioned -- the sign that Hahn's campaign is really, really desperate. They brought up a criminal charge that was filed against Villaraigosa in the past. Okay, not an unusual tactic. Problem is, the charge was assault -- against a man who had attacked Villaraigosa's mother.

Now, that's kind of a no-brainer. Don't bring up a criminal charge if it's for something that no jury in the world would convict. So Antonio opened a can of whoopass on someone who attacked his mother? You know what? Good for him. I'm sure there are very few people on earth who wouldn't do the same -- and Mr. Villaraigosa (already my choice anyway) went up quite a few notches on the "Wow" bar.

Meanwhile, Hahn is going down...

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