Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blog Log, Log Blog, bLog 

(Side note: I just realized this blog passed its first anniversary about two weeks ago. Wow...)

Visitor logs are fascinating things. I've been reading through them lately, and the (anonymous) information they provide about how people find the place can be eye-opening.

Just one example. Somebody found me yesterday after doing a Yahoo search for "boy nudists". They wound up on a story here about Abu Ghraib, and how culturally insensitive it was to force Muslim prisoners to be naked, mentioning the case of a fifteen year old boy stripped in front of his father. I somehow doubt that this was quite what they were looking for. But -- who says looking for porn won't lead to a political education?

Other interesting searches that have led here:So, I'll be looking at the logs periodically from now on, and bringing you the weirdest or most unlikely searches to bring people to a political website.

And just to make it fun, I'm throwing hidden bait onto this page. See if you can find it... sex wet housewife horny dripping teen pron p0rn naked nude girl boy bondage free shower leather fetish peewee herman

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