Monday, April 25, 2005

'Cause Rules Is for the Little People 

From the ongoing Ethicsgate saga in Washington:
An aide to DeLay sent letters to the House clerk and the ethics committee on March 22 reporting that he "discovered today that I inadvertently neglected to file", two travel reports for conferences in December and January with a total reported cost of $1,500.
Hm. Gosh, I guess that bit in italics makes it okay. But tell me -- what would happen if you or I didn't file our taxes on April 15th, then tried to make it all better with the IRS 'round about June or July by saying, "I inadvertently neglected to file..."

That's right. The excuse wouldn't fly, and it shouldn't fly just because (or especially because) someone's a Congressman. These bastards need to fry, all of them, left and right. They know the rules, and the rampant deception and cheating is just disgusting.

About ten years back, I was so frazzled in the process of preparing my taxes last-minute that I actually mailed an empty envelope to the IRS. I discovered this a week later when I found the original forms and check on the kitchen table, in the tax file. I contacted them immediately. Now, do you think I didn't have to pay a penalty?

And DeLay and company and all the other lying sacks of shit need to pay the penalty. Let's leave politics out of it; they're all corrupt and are rapidly becoming useless, and we need new blood in DC.

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