Monday, April 18, 2005

Dear Ann Slanders... 

I hate to stoop to her own tactics, but... who the hell did Ann Coulter fuck to get on the cover of Time Magazine? And, more importantly, why is the article a 6,000 word puff piece? Others cover it well, and over at Eschaton, there are numerous interesting links to articles that outline Coulter's lies, distortions, half-truths and vitriol.

Remember -- this is the woman who alluded to assassination of the President. You know. The kind of thing that earns Joe Six-pack a little visit from the Secret Service even though he was only joking. Of course, Coulter's veiled threats were aimed at Bill Clinton, so I guess it's okay. (Cough cough retch.)

If we haven't had proof enough that Coulter is nothing but a fame-whore, you only have to pop over to Matty Drudge's playpen (no, I'm not giving him a link), where the lead story has been how pissed Missy Coulter is over the Time cover shot, taken with a wide-angle lens so that her feet look enormous and her body small. Now, why would someone bitch about the cover shot in a national news magazine when a) they're the subject and getting all the PR and b) the article itself is nothing more than an act of journalistic muff-diving? Because, of course, Her Royal Shrillness wants more attention, more ink (real and virtual) spilled over her. Why, hell, I'm feeding into her little "Notice Meeeeeeeee game right now."

What we should notice is that Coulter is a raving nutcase who doesn't know the meaning of the word tact. If, say, Michael Moore made even one of her typical violent comments against the liberal media, Tom DeLay would be calling for his deportation to Canada immediately -- and then would start writing a law to make it happen when someone pointed out that Moore was born in the US.

The point is, she's a no-talent hack who engages in the equivalent of standing on a chair at a formal dinner party and throwing her dress up over her head to yell, "Look ma. No panties." She's not particularly insightful, she is not a pundit. She's nothing but hot air and a bad dye-job. The fact that Time is feeding her ego is just disgusting.

It almost makes me want to subscribe to that rag, just so I can immediately cancel.

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