Monday, April 25, 2005

Frist Things Frist 

Eschaton brings us more lovely comments from Bill Frist on the Fillibuster today, the day after his video appearance to a large religious (read: born-again nutjob) rally. Yeah, seems the wingnuts just can't stand the idea that there's a two-thirds majority required in the Senate for certain things for damn good reasons. No, instead, quoth Frist:
Now if Senator Reid continues to obstruct the process, we will consider what opponents call the “nuclear option.” Only in the United States Senate could it be considered a devastating option to allow a vote. Most places call that democracy.
Um, Diebold, anyone? Funny how allowing votes (and counting them all) only matters when they would help (maybe) the wingnut agenda. Although, in more heartening news, it looks like John Bolton's nomination as UN Ambassador is going to go down in flames.

But... don't get me started on the whole fillibuster fight. And funny how the Repugs had no problem with it when the right-wingers pulled a 57 day (not hour, day) fillibuster to try to block Civil Rights legislation in the 60s.

And then there's the whole persecution complex the evangelical/fundie wingnuts have. See, they think they're just like the early church in the 1st Century. (What, you mean Jewish?) Early Christians were persecuted, ergo they believe they are, too, and they're constantly looking for the next target to claim as their personal Nero... even as they go about persecuting gays, women, non-Christians, etc., etc. They see life as a struggle between good and evil, with (say it like Church Lady) Satan behind everything that gets their little knickers in a knot.

Hm. Yeah, that makes real sense. Their God(tm) says, "You are the saved ones. Now I'm going to let the world throw all kinds of shit at you. You know... just testing." Far as I'm concerned, the sooner these asshole go away the better. Maybe we can get them to abstinence themselves out of existence.

But, finally -- isn't a congress-critter attempting to subvert the judiciary obstruction of justice at the least, if not treasonous? And it's definitely a violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution. You know -- those bits that establish the three separate branches of government in the first place...

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