Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It Must Be Love... 

(Moved back up top, 'cause it's still a hot topic at Eschaton. And if anyone knows where I can find downloadable (not streaming) video of this event, put it in comments or email me -- the link is on the page.)

I borrowed this shot from Eschaton...

Over there, Atrios hilariously refers to this as a Man Date. Or is that mandate? But if you look really, really closely, you'll notice that they're holding hands.

Hm. How sweet. Now, granted, men in Islamic cultures are a lot more touchy-feely in a totally non-sexual way than are men in the hung-up west. But there's something else interesting about this little flesh-press. See, also in middle-eastern cultures, you're never supposed to eat with your left hand, 'cause that's the one you... um... clean up the food with once it makes the trip out the other end. (For those not following the subtlety -- it's the ass-wipin' hand. No TP or shells involved).

So -- who's going further out of their way here to play cultural kiss-ass with the other? Bush for holding hands with a man in public, or his Arabian Friend for grabbing onto the doody hand without comment?

Kind of says it all about the relationship both these boys have with their mistress. You know her name. Oil...

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