Friday, April 08, 2005

It's All About Meme 

Over at Eschaton, there's a pointer to this very helpful and hopeful information. Short version, the approval ratings of both W and Congress are plummeting. The pResident is at 44% approval, while Congress is at a mere 37%.

Or, as Mr. Black phases it (correctly), the Republican-controlled Congress. And he's absolutely right in his advice, which I post here as a way of helping the meme perpetuate into the universe. Say it with me. The public doesn't approve of the way the Republican President and Republican Congress are running things. The Democrats absolutely have to pitch that point and toss out that sound-bite at every possible moment. Remind the public at every turn exactly who's in charge, and eventually public perception will shift from "The President and Congress have no popular support" to "The Republicans have no popular support."

Midterms 2006, biatches. Payback for 1994...

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