Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oops... I $%#&@ Up 

Thanks to reader Karl, who pointed out an error in the Raw Story post -- since corrected on their site, and just proof that you really need to verify everything you read online. (Just like you have to verify everything you read in the mainstream media. Ahemn...) I propagated it in my post here, which is really pointless now, isn't it?

Anyway, David Dreier, who I railed against for being a turncoat to his party... is not. Seems that Raw Story stuck that pesky "D" after his name first time around, when it should have been an R.

But Joe Lieberman is still an asshole.

Thanks for the heads up, Karl. And see? I do read my comments -- and encourage all you people who've been dropping by to add your own. Much more fun that way, isn't it? We all have opinions. Let's hear 'em...

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