Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Reid: 48, Frist: 0 

Thanks to Kos, more encouraging news that the Republicans are totally blowing the filibuster issue. As Kos quotes it, via ABC News:
Reacting to a Democratic offer in the fight over filibusters, Republican leader Bill Frist said Tuesday he isn't interested in any deal that fails to ensure Senate confirmation for all of President Bush's judicial nominees.
Translation of wingnutese: The Democrats offered to figure out how to fix things and make them work, but that still doesn't guarantee that we'd actually win the game on its own merits, so we're going to take our ball and run off to mommy, whining.

I mean, Jeebus. How soon will the rest of the population wake up to the fact that the Republicans cannot win on the merits of their arguments, so instead they must cheat and change the rules mid-game? It's as if they're in a constant game of Texas Hold 'em with the Democrats, but after the fifth or sixth time the Democrats fill an inside straight, the Republicans want to declare that a pair of deuces beats everything. And, given the Constitution and the law and all those annoying things that the wingnuts seem to despise, it's more like the Democrats are holding a Royal Flush and the Republicans have a nothing-hand, a ten-high busted straight.

But keep going, Mr. Frist. The more strident and bitchy you get, the more of that 35% ... er, sorry, 26% support for screwing with the rules you're going to lose.

And, incidentally, I think more and more people are also catching on to the blatant lie... sorry, little detail in all the Republican rhetoric. Contrary to what the wingnuts would try to pull over on the fundies, most of Bush's (bad) court appointments have been approved. It's just the really, really bad five percent that are being rightly held up.

But, I suppose, if in some ephemeral eternal court, Bush had appointed Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Einstein and Hitler, the wingnuts would be screaming about that one particular judge who wasn't rubber-stamped by Congress.

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