Friday, April 08, 2005

Scary, Scary 

If you want to see who the real terrorists are, check out this very frightening bit of info from Congress Daily, as reported at Eschaton (yes, ol' Atrios is heavy-hitting today):
Participants at this week's Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration meeting said the group also will focus on forcing Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against any judge who does not conform with their biblically based interpretation of the Constitution, as well as permanently curb judicial authority over matters of church and state, marriage and governmental acknowledgement of a Christian deity.
Never mind that this country is not a theocracy. Never mind that the Constitution is not based on "biblical" law in any way, shape or form. Never mind that impeaching judges because of the religious (or non-religious) views is a heinous assault on the separation of powers...

Just remember this: Those so-called terrorist states in the middle east to whom we're supposed to be trying to bring Democracy are, largely, theocracies in which there is no division between church and state. These are the states that have subjugated their women, taken to lopping off hands and feet for minor crimes, practiced utterly barbaric justice and, in large measure, are still living in the 12th Century.

And this is what these assclowns want to bring to your country. They seem to forget that pesky First Amendment (I'm sure they'd love to), but they also seem to forget that a vast majority of this country doesn't follow their literalistic, wingnut, fairy-tale religion. I'll never understand why the so-called "faithful" seem to have so little faith in their god. After all, if something is god's will, no human being could stop it, nor could any human being make it happen. To assume such is the height of hubris.

The great irony is that these are the same people who listen to preachers who insist that god will destroy America if it doesn't reject its sinful ways, exile the homosexuals and liberals, and stick the Ten Commandments in every public place -- and don't quite notice that their own born-again pResident and his cronies are the ones doing the best job of destroying the country.

I wish they'd all go away. I really do. Fundamentalist anything -- Christianity, Judaism, Islam -- is a destructive force that should be fought tooth and nail. And the world is in the mess it's in today precisely because of the stupidity of religious intolerance. It all started with the Crusades a thousand years ago -- but if you don't think the current War on Terra isn't just yet another Crusade, you haven't been paying attention.

Well, enough. Time to find a deserted island somewhere and offer to export all these religious whackos to it, where they can start their own theocracy and make biblical law to their hearts' content. Meanwhile, they can leave the rest of us with brains alone and go fuck themselves in the bargain.

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