Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Story Worth Noting... 

While whatreallyhappened.com can be a little anti-Israel and tinfoil hat for my tastes at times, I too wondered what happened to this story, which popped up a few days ago and then vanished. I'll only excerpt a bit here, but go read the whole thing. It's food for thought, since we're talking three trillion dollars in counterfeit US Federal Reserve Negotiable Certificates here.
So, what happens when three trillion shows up all at one time? At the very least, three trillion dollars worth of paper dumped into the US economy at one time would trigger a sudden inflationary spiral; the usual result of too much cash chasing too few goods and services. Three trillion dollars in bonds presented for redemption through the banks in Zurich could trigger a run on the Federal Reserve itself, as even the Federal Reserve does not keep that kind of cash or even gold reserves at hand. Since the bonds were fakes, the ultimate mastermind could care less if the "money" was lost, and anyone willing to "lose" three trillion dollars in just the right way could bring down the entire US stock market.

George Bush and his neocons need a "terrorist" attack to justify the invasion of Iran, and a staged economic terrorist attack, executed from behind the anonymity of the Swiss Banks would be ideal. Blame for the crash of the US eocnomy could be shifted onto a scapegoat such as Iran, and off of the Congress that has borrowed this nation into ruin over the decades. The infamous FEMA Executive Orders, the means by which the nation can be turned into a legal dictatorship, include an economic crisis among the list of conditions under which the President can suspend the Constitution.
Things that make you go, "Hm..."

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