Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tempted by the Fruit of Another 

Sadly No zeroes in on this rather confusing quote from traditional values spokesman Dennis Prager:
Perhaps the most important argument against same-sex marriage is that once society honors same-sex sex as it does man-woman sex, there will inevitably be a major increase in same-sex sex.
I refer to this kind of specious argument as the "Well, not me, but someone else for sure" defense. It's totally bogus, but you also frequently hear it in terms of not legalizing drugs -- as in "If marijuana were legal, we'd see a lot more people stoned in the streets tomorrow."

Well, no we wouldn't. We might see a lot more (now-illegally) stoned people in the streets, but general usage would not go up dramatically.

In the case of the same-sex thing, do these people really listen to what they say? Because they're pretty much admitting to being gay themselves. Aren't they? Rephrased, what Prager is really saying is, "If it weren't illegal, I'd run right out and grab me a man right now."

The truth scares them, for some reason...

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