Thursday, April 07, 2005

Terminated II 

Scroll down for the previous Terminated story, linking to first-person coverage of the anti-Arnold Protest in San Francisco. I bring it up again because, on the TV news last night, their take was that the whole thing fizzled, there was no protest, Arnold is invincible, etc.

Trouble is, that's bullshit, as this story makes quite clear...
Fewer than half of Californians now approve of the way the governor is handling his job, a sharp decline since January.

Moreover, people think California has gotten off on the wrong track.

These are the findings of a statewide poll to be released today by the Survey and Policy Research Institute at San Jose State.
The original is in the LA Times, if you want to read it, or you can read more of the Swing State Project story here.

Sorry that the LA Times is one of those annoying registration sites. Just one more reason to switch to Firefox and install the wonderful BugMeNot plug-in.

Gotta love the headline on the Times article, though. Self-Proclaimed Governor of the People Is Fading as Lord of the Polls.

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