Thursday, April 28, 2005

They'll Err On the Side of Life -- Unless You're Black 

So, where are the screaming wingnuts in this case?
The family of a 13-year-old boy declared brain dead after the spread of an infection following a dental procedure went to court Thursday to have him removed from a respirator.

Teron Francis' family asked state Supreme Court Justice Douglas McKeon in the Bronx to vacate his injunction -- issued Monday -- that prevented the hospital from taking the teen off the respirator.

McKeon said Teron would be disconnected later in the day after the family had time to return to the hospital with clergy to say their good-byes.
So, again I ask, where are the picketts? Where's Randall Terry? Where are all the screaming nutjobs demanding that this boy be kept alive indefinitely?

Oops. Forgot two things. First, the family is in New York, not Florida. Second, this is Teron's mother and brother...

I really don't need to state the obvious here, do I?

Okay, I will anyway. The raving right to life loonies only give a shit if you're a rich white person with Christian parents. But not a one of them would raise a finger to interfere in the Francis's case. Not a one of them would lobby to provide medical care to see that little black babies make it to term and are born healthy. Not one of them would raise a finger to protest the execution of a black man when the evidence is even slightly dubious and the cops and DA in the jurisdiction have a habit of making "oopsies" to get minority convictions.

Not a fucking one of them. Very ironic, considering that, were Jesus real and were he to come back today, he wouldn't be hanging out with Randall Terry and Mére and Pére Schiavo.

Nope. He'd be hugging that black woman and her black son above, consoling them over their loss. He'd be hanging out with the poor, the sick, the oppressed, the drug addicted, the marginalized. He'd welcome gays and lesbians and the handicapped and the non-white and Arabs and hispanics and the convicts to hang out. In short, he'd be down with all the people the wingnuts seem intent on ignoring.

They'd better go back and read the New Testament. Especially all that stuff about Pharisees and Sadducees. 'Cause, well -- those groups are still around, and they follow people like Randall Terry and Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell and Pope Ratzo. If such a thing existed, they'd be following them straight into hell.

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