Tuesday, May 17, 2005

43 at 43 and Falling 

Expect that Orange Terror Alert at any moment... Kos reports on a Pew poll. Both Shrub and Congressional Republicans are at a 50% disapproval rating, with W's approval rating at 43%. Guest-blogging over at Eschaton, Attaturk roots for "40 by the 4th." But I'm being more optimistic, given the impending filibuster war, possible Iranian misadventures next month, Congressional Democrats actually showing some balls over the British Memo, and British MP George Galloway handing some US Senators their asses today in an Iraqi "Oil for Food" investigation.

I don't think a president's approval rating has been lower than their number in the presidential roster since the day Richard Nixon resigned. And, hell, even in the dark days of the Republican witch-hunt, Bill Clinton's approval ratings never dropped below the 50s. Only a nitwit like W could take the post 9-11 approval rating of 90% and turn it into this number.

I'm hoping he can break the approval rating record going the other direction. C'mon, George. You set the record high of 90% approval. Let's go for the record of 90% disapproval before November...

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