Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ajai Raj Update 

From the horse's mouth himself; someone emailed and posted his response over at Daily Kos. What he wrote is absolutely brilliant, and does explain his actions -- he was fighting bullshit with bullshit, and the vulgarity was absolutely intentional. He describes events the moment after his question to Coulter:
And the crowd fell silent. Ms. Coulter stood stunned atop her stage, unprepared for a jackass to say something so utterly crude and to the point. Her pompous and mean air is enough to stump questioners into timidity, I wasn't about to let her stop me. The audience members looked at me with raw disbelief; later, even friends who know me well admitted that they'd been surprised at how vulgar I'd been. The others in line for Q&A, mostly liberals, looked at me like I'd set their cause back forty years.

Did I give a shit? No. If I had a message, it's that the whole thing was a joke- hell, our whole political scene today is a fucking joke. Everyone's out to either pat themselves on the back for being right or whine about how they're being wronged without ever lifting a finger to fight for it.
He nails it right on the head there. But go read the whole thing.

Having read a bit more about Ajai, I want to buy him a six pack, a baggie of weed and the escort of his choice.

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