Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another Repubican Lie Bites It 

They claimed he said he "invented the Internet." He didn't, but he was instrumental in turning ARPANET, a military network, over to civilian use. The he in question is Al Gore, and this week a geek consortium officially recognized his work in bringing the Internet to real people.

And every time I think about the bullshit the Wingnuts spewed on this issue, I want to hurl. Because, truth to tell, Al Gore was very much involved in getting regular people access to the world wide web. Prior to his work, what we now call the Internet was designed to be a nuclear war proof connection between the military and universities involved in defense research. After Al Gore, it became what we know it to be now.

He didn't invent the Internet; he never claimed to. But he helped bring it to the common folk. And yes, he probably was the model for one of the characters in Love Story.

Damn, I miss Al Gore. He was a Vice President we could respect. And I miss Bill Clinton even more. He was the FDR and JFK of my generation, dammit. If I could recarve Mt. Rushmore to my specs, it would include Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Clinton.

Ronald Reagan on Rushmore? Please. That's just a joke. Like most Republican propaganda. Some of which was buried today, for good. Except that, the so-called Mainstream Media will never report it as such.

Bet you a dime that, for every mention of this story in the MSM, they'll lead off with the bogus claim that Gore said he invented the internet.

He never did, and the MSM and the Wingnuts can just suck it.

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