Wednesday, May 04, 2005

'Bout Time 

Much is being made locally of LA Major Hahn's imminent immolation at the polls -- indeed, I think the last incumbent with numbers this low was Gray Davis, right before he was recalled. As reported on the Antonio Villaraigosa campaign blog, Hahn is at 33%, and his base seems to be old people and conservatives -- but, reading between the lines, it's obvious that those groups aren't so much supporting Hahn as they are running to the white guy to save them from the "scary Mexican."

(Hint, you bigoted old white farts -- most of California was Mexico before it became a state.)

Anyway, what we're really seeing is a slight delay of something that should have happened last time around with the elections -- Antonio Villaraigosa becoming Mayor of LA. Hahn has done a pisspoor job, and his administration has been so plagued with hints of corruption that he's pretty much been the invisible man for who knows how long. And that's always how you can tell when a politician is really screwing up. They vanish.

Luckily for LA, Hahn is going to permanently vanish in just under two weeks. Short of somebody catching Villaraigosa groping a ten year-old boy, there's no way in hell Hahn can win. He should just concede now and get it over with.

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