Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bringing Freedom to Iraq 

Via Eschaton and The Cunning Realist, proof that BushCo. really, really wanted to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq.
While Iraq's newly elected government says it will look into complaints of press intimidation, local reporters said they've seen little progress since reporting the incidents. Some have quit their jobs after receiving threats - not from insurgents, but from police. Most Iraqi reporters are reluctant to even identify themselves as press when stopped at police checkpoints. Others say they won't report on events that involve Iraqi security forces, which creates a big gap in their local news coverage.
So -- let's free them from a brutal dictator who tortures and murders reporters for being critical of his regime, only to have those same reporters be tortured and intimidated and threatened with death by the police.

Hm. Wait a second -- read that italicized sentence above again. I thought it was the terrorists and insurgents that hated our freedom. Hm. Guess I was wrong -- it's the police forces that we trained and created.

Then again, maybe that's just freedom Bush style. You're free, as long as you're not critical of the brutal dictator in power.

So, not only was the justification for this war a lie, so was the stated goal. But then, we should have known that from the first time the word "insugents" was used by the Administration. See, one man's "insurgent" is another man's "freedom fighter." And I thought, after the non-existent WMDs were exposed as such, it was supposed to be all about the freedom.

Mission Not Accomplished. Mission Never to Be Accomplished. How do you spell Iraq? Q-u-a-g-m-i-r-e.

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