Monday, May 02, 2005


This guy started it, but there's a better game in here. I'm talking about Googlemilking, which is a game wherein you come up with a phrase that, when searched for in Google, can lead to interesting and/or embarrassing (for the poster) results. The archetypal phrase is, "I'm totally straight, but..."

As you can imagine, most of the posts so discovered lead to descriptions of desires or activities that mark the poster as far from straight -- "I'm totally straight, but I'd fuck Aragon" being the prime example.

But I think this would make an interesting party game, of the "Truth or Dare" variety, and might be more fun political, as in, "I'm totally a Republican, but..."

So, let's invent it now, and here's how it works. Room full of people, person A picks person B. Person B then says, "I'm totally , but..." and person A has to answer honestly.

I'm totally Republican, but I think this Social Security plan sucks.

I'm totally Democrat, but Joe Lieberman is an asshole.

I'm a totally Christian, straight male, but Lou Sheldon gets me hot.

And so on. You get the idea. Sort of a paradigm shifting mindfuck, and one that grown-ups can play, since it doesn't involve any of that pesky drinking or stripping the children are apparently so fond of nowadays.

You're welcome.

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