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UPDATE: is also a pretty good poet and writer in general; you can check out some of his poetry online here and here, and some non-fiction here.

Meet Ajai Raj. I want to by this kid a beer. Or a hooker. Or both. A 19 year-old English Major at the University of Texas in Austin, I only wish I could have been there as Ajai asked Ann Coulter a question during her recent appearance at UTA, and brought down the house.

"So... what do you think about conservative men that, all they do with their wives is fuck them in the ass?" As he headed back to his seat, he capped his comment off with a mimed wanking gesture. And then he got arrested.

Imagine that one -- arrested for making a comment that could be interpreted as critical of a conservative darling. Just like people being arrested for wearing anti-W shirts at supposedly public events held by the president. The "arrested for the wrong thoughts" thing is becoming way too common of late -- but that shouldn't be any surprise, since America has turned into a fascist police state.

I applaud young Mr. Raj, and hope he continues in this vein -- because the thing to note here is that his question and his gesture pretty much match Coulter's own level of discourse. She isn't a legitimate commentator or pundit, and should be treated with no respect whatsoever. In fact, I don't know why she hasn't been arrested for some of her columns, since she has advocated murder and terrorism herself.

Oh, right. Liberal targets are okay, apparently.

In a month or two, I'd love to see Raj or someone else pop up at an Ann Coulter lecture and ask her, "So... are you still taking it up the ass?" In fact, I'd like to see these kinds of intrusive questions asked of conservatives more frequently -- like this incident:
"One gay student asked whether government had any business enacting and enforcing laws against consensual sodomy. Following Scalia's answer, the student asked a follow-up: 'Do you sodomize your wife?'
Apparently, some wingnuts were shocked, shocked by this question, because Scalia's wife was in the audience. Guess they forget that Bill Clinton's wife was in the White House, too. But y'know what? If Scalia or other conservatives are going to presume to interpret laws about what other people do in their bedrooms, they damn well better be prepared to explain what they do in their own.

Not that I really care to know the details of Coulter's or Scalia's sex lives. (I hear that Coulter has a really small dick, anyway). But, if they're going to go poking into things that are none of their business, they deserve to be hit back with all the intrusion they merit.

And to hell with politeness. Down in the trenches, as it were, we have no reason to hold back in speaking to these fuckwits and telling them off. We need more people like Ajai Raj, who will speak truth to power, who will give the verbal finger to hypocritical assclowns who think that everyone's sex life is fair game, but theirs is somehow sacred.

So, a few questions for the wingnuts:Disrespectful? Fuck yeah. But, by this point, the wingnuts have lost any right to be respected, and Ajai Raj's comments and actions demonstrate that point beautifully. Use their uptightness and hypocrisy against them, young man. Young men and women. It's a tactic that has worked for a long time, and the ruder you are the better it works.

After all, these are all affiliated parts of the mechanism that has badly badly fucked up, to the point that people like Raj may soon face a military draft. Maybe this time, though, we can get the student protests rolling in advance of that, and it's nice to see someone giving the ball a kick.

Or, metaphorically, someone giving Coulter a kick in the balls. The kicking part, I mean, not the... oh, you know.

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