Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Let Them Eat Shit..." 

Because that's what the BushCo. EPA wants you to do.
The EPA's proposal would allow sewage to be dumped into waterways more often without biological treatment, which EPA calls "blending" because the largely untreated sewage is mixed with treated sewage before it is discharged.
Translation -- it would be allowable, under this proposal, to combine the sanitized stuff with the unsanitized stuff, sewage being the euphemism for, well, basically everything that goes down your toilet.

Yes, another fine example of W "improving" the environment -- although his cronies are all such bottom-dwellers anyway, perhaps putting shit in your drinking water is, to them, an improvement. As always, it's a matter of money over common sense and safety:
The arguments for sewage ''blending" are short-sighted and not persuasive. The proponents of sewage blending are mainly focused on the cost savings they anticipate from using blending to further defer or avoid maintenance, or improvements, to their sewer and rainfall collection systems through this policy.
Congress is about to vote on a measure that would stop the EPA from doing this. If you'd prefer not to drink, bathe or cook with the microorganisms that came out of your neighbors colon, call your Congresscritter and tell them to tell the EPA to not even think about blending.

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