Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Muffled Media 

Incidentally, I first read the news about the passage of the Real ID act at What Really Happened. Haven't seen a peep about it on CNN, MSNBC, Drudge or any of the other so-called news sites I checked. Want to know what's so damn important at CNN today?Pretty pathetic, eh? Michael Jackson, a dead girl, a long-dead child, the usual bombing in Iraq, etc., etc. -- all of these stories are more important than the Rape of the Constitution?


The closest I find to a story on this is over at MSNBC:

States set to fight, defy driver’s license rules

States are threatening to challenge in court and even disobey new orders from Congress to start issuing more uniform driver’s licenses and verify the citizenship or legal status of people getting them.

There is concern among some states that they’ll get stuck with a large tab to pay for implementing the new rules and that getting a driver’s license will become a bigger headache for law-abiding residents.
Which actually makes the legislation sound totally benign. "More uniform driver's licenses..." WTF?

Unfortunately, I think this means California won't be leading the charge against it. We'd be a natural, because we have more cars and more people than any other state, and the expense could be enormous. However, Governor Shithead, typical of so many legal immigrants, is a thudding xenophobe, and I'm sure he'll be all gung-ho on making sure that no eeeeleeegils can get drivers licenses, failing to see the problem with the bigger picture.

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