Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Plug 

Update: I did watch Penn & Teller's PETA episode, and I now have to say I don't agree with PETA or their methods at all. Yes, I'm an animal lover; I hate fur, although I eat meat -- which I don't consider a contradiction, because the latter is necessary and the former is useless vanity, especially if the animal was killed only for its fur. But... Penn & Teller's expose in Bullshit makes it clear that PETA is a terrorist organization and, like rabid anti-abortionists, they seem to have no regard for human life as they try to push their goals. But, these are just two examples out of many that demonstrate why extremism and absolutism are wrong, wrong, wrong.

You have to watch this series -- Penn & Teller's Bullshit. Magic's favorite badboys take on a host of subjects -- PETA, AA, The War on (Some) Drugs, the Bible, ESP, Seances, Profanity, and more. They do it with wit and irreverence, and make persuasive arguments. And they take no prisoners, going after both conservative and liberal sacred cows.

I've been a fan of P&T for a long time, pretty much since I first heard of them. I've seen them onstage several times and highly recommend their show, which turns traditional magic on its head, revealing secrets even while concealing more, and the two of them are consumate artistes.

In Bullshit, Penn & Teller take no prisoners. It's a funny, enlightening, educational series with something to inform -- and offend -- everyone. (I still can't quite bring myself to watch their PETA episode. Granted, I think the PETA folk go way off the deep end most of the time, but at heart they have the right idea when it comes to not needlessly torturing or killing animals.)

And, of course, Penn & Teller are among the most well-known and outspoken (well, half out-spoken) Atheists around. Given the religiously insane wingnuttery going on in this country, the more outspoken Atheiests we have, the better.

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