Monday, May 02, 2005

Poll Smoking 

Y'know, I bet ol' Lou Dobbs gets real pissed all the time. Here he is, doing his best to put up polls that try to spin toward a rightwing answer to the question (usually dealing with immigration from a "all ferriners are evil" POV), and then he asks a seemingly innocuous question and gets an answer that bitch slaps W way back to the Rose Garden yet again...

So, again, it's unscientific, but look what it's saying -- 76% of people came away with a worse opinion of W's Social Security plan -- and that's with a majority already disapproving of his plan. (Lou's also had this one up since the presidential dog and pony show. What, is he hoping that the numbers will magically shift in W's favor?)

What really worries me, though, is how the typical wingnut mindset is going to react badly to all the bad news for the Republicans. Bush's numbers in the toilet, DeLay on the ropes, the Fundies coming out of the closet to make ridiculous pronouncements that will send the moderate/secular branch of the party screaming to the middle, and on and on and on. On the one hand, it's a delight to watch them all digging their own political grave, deeper and deeper, waiting for that moment when they start climbing the ladder as preface to making a spectacular high-dive into oblivion.

On the other hand, as noted above, wingnuts don't like to give up gracefully. Expect some gigantic non-story to explode into the headlines when they finally realize they're screwed. Either that, or sudden "terrorist" "chatter" and an elevation to Code Fuchsia or Tangerine or whatever the hell it is. (It's been a while for that one, too. I first put the "Terror Alert Banana" link on this blog a year ago, and it has yet to be anything but yellow.)

But anyway -- with a lot of encouragement comes a lot of danger. I think the Republican party is headed for a fall, maybe even a split. Hopefully, we'll all survive it, the Republicans will dump the wingnuts and religofascists and we'll get a conservative party that actually supports conservative values, and we can send the would-be theocrats back to where they belong -- the 12th century.

But I do digress...

It's looking more and more like Bush is going to screw the pooch with Social Security. The public already hates his ideas, which he's barely able to articulate. When the real numbers start to come out and people see how much they're being screwed over, expect the mob to call for blood. See, this is where Bush's pandering to the far right is really going to screw him over with the middle -- because the overriding "theology" of the moderate conservatives seems to be "keep your hands off my damn money." That's the source of the whole tax cuts thing, as well as the cut backs on social spending. Y'know; it's called greed.

And when the government starts up the weed whacker and aims it all those late baby boomer benefits just as they're about to retire... hell to pay.

The impending disaster (for W) is in the numbers -- and it's no coincidence that the graphic for that poll, above, looks like a hand giving the finger. Apt symbolizm, that. BushCo. has been doing it to us for over five years now. Time to give 'em the gesture back.

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