Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sneddon Blows 

I've always had a twinge of doubt about the whole Michael Jackson thing -- mainly, he never really had a childhood and has basically grown up in public. It's just possibly that he prefers the company of children, but has no interest in them sexually. Maybe they're the only people he could trust, because (unlike adults) they're not going to be gaming to figure out how they can squeeze some of his millions out of him.

And the more I see coming out of the courtroom, the more I think that Tom Sneddon, the Santa Barbara DA, is on a vendetta, convinced that he could get a conviction no matter what. Considering that they must have run with the best they've got, they haven't got much. And, apparently, they've got even less: after offering one of the "unindicted co-conspirators" immunity last December, the witness gave a statement to the prosecution. Apparently, it not only didn't help their case, but pretty much demolished it. Now, that witness is going to appear for the defense.

I'm hoping that Sneddon's head explodes.

I normally wouldn't blog about the Jackson case, but it's been a comedy of errors by the prosecution from the beginning. When Michael was first arrested, it looked like, "Whoops, they've got him this time." But the more that comes out of that courtroom, the more it looks like Sneddon doesn't have shit. Which serves him right. He's one of those people that, were he a character actor, would always be cast as "Asshole Sheriff" or "Prick in Suit #2".

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