Friday, May 13, 2005

So Very Out of Touch 

Yet again, proof that the wingnut faction of the Republican party has absolutely no concept of what the rest of America wants. Here are the current (May 13th, 2005 at about noon) results of the poll question, which should be taught in schools: Intelligent Design, Creationism, Evolution or All of the Above?

Yeah, look at that overwhelming support for the whacko religious view of the Ascent of Man(kind). Not! And combining the Evolution with the All of the Above choices, you can see that the ID/Creationism camp is a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of a minority. I would guess that the "All of the Above" folk are either scientifically minded individuals who believe in a benign god, or liberal leaning types who aren't afraid of exposing their children to a multitude of ideas and viewpoints.

When, oh when, will these fundie-loon nutjobs just crawl back under their Rock of Ages and leave the rational, intelligent majority alone?

It's time to start the anti-fundie campaign. "If you want to live in a country governed by theology, you can always move to Iran."

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