Friday, May 27, 2005


Found on Swing State Project:
Governor digs fixing potholes
San Jose crews tear up part of road for staged event [San Francisco Chronicle headline]
I find the imagery of Der Governator filling in a hole dug by a state crew to be interesting. First, why is he filling in a fake hole when, as anybody who lives in LA knows, there are plenty of real potholes everywhere? Second, why didn't he dig the damn hole himself? Or is he just a gurleeee-man?

Come to think of it -- didn't Ahnold pick up that expression from somebody else's parodic impression of him? Or, in other words, is Ahnold becoming self-parody?

The man is nothing but a suntan in a suit, with no substance. And now he's filling in fake holes, pretending to solve real problems in the state when he's doing jackshit. There is something funny about the whole image, though... huge (union) state work crew comes in with backhoe, breaks up asphalt, digs out pothole. Assemble media. Ahnold arrives and they hand him the shovel. He spews some scripted bullshit, then scrapes asphalt into the hole -- probably not even completely finishing the job. Applause, flashbulbs, some wisecrack about spedzhil indyrezts, and then back into the air conditioned stretch-limo.

The whole thing reminds me of a moment in the film Dragonslayer. It's at the end, after the wizard and his young apprentice do battle with the dragon. The wizard finally gives his life to kill the dragon once and for all. After the steaming reptile corpse crash-lands in pieces, the feeble king stumbles out, barely able to move, and pokes a sword into the remains. The nearby cleric declares the king, not the wizard, to be the great Dragonslayer.

Cast Arnold as the king, and you're not far from the spectacle in San Jose earlier this week.

If you are in Caleeeeefornya, might want to check the Gropenator's schedule, see if he's coming to your town, and then joining up with the protest crowd to ask him which special interests have him in their back pocket? Populist groups like unions and teachers and nurses? Or corporations?

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