Sunday, May 01, 2005

Who's Less Mature Here? 

So let me get this straight... L.G., a thirteen year-old ward of the state in Florida who is pregnant and wants an abortion is being blocked from doing so by the Department of Children and Families -- despite Florida not yet having a parental notification law.

As pointed out on Eschaton and Bitch PhD, L.G. has already proved herself to be more intelligent and logical than the state of Florida, having the following rather entertaining exchange with the judge in the case:
"Why can't I make my own decision"...
"I don't know"

"You don't know...? Aren't you the judge?"
Indeed. But, to me, here's what makes no sense: the State of Florida would prefer to stick a thirteen year-old girl (who was already remanded to their custody because she herself had abusive parents) with a baby, thereby perpetuating the cycle that led to this situation in the first place. Never mind that it's notoriously dangerous for girls her age to even go through the birth process -- dangerous to the mother and to the child. Nope. Because of the asinine anti-choice, "culture of life" bullshit to which Jebbie Bush and by extension Florida subscribe, L.G. would be doomed to repeat the errors her own parents did. Chances are, if she were forced to have the baby, it too would become a ward of the state and, eventually, L.G. would probably become a 26 year-old grandmother.

I'll tell you what -- as soon as Jeb Bush grows a uterus and gets knocked up, he can make these decisions for women. Otherwise, he and the DCF should just futt the buck out and let L.G. decide what to do. Period.

But I wouldn't be at all surprised if this turned into the next Terri Schiavo, raving loonie life-fest. The wingnuts need something to distract from W's freefalling poll numbers, after all.

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