Monday, June 13, 2005


Yes, I'm going to fall victim to the mania and weigh in on the Michael Jackson verdict. I'm not at all surprised by the complete not guilty, because all along Sneddon & Co. put up a crappy case. That, and the plaintiffs really came across as a bunch of money-hungry sleazebags anyway. Do I think Michael Jackson was guilty of molesting this particular child? I'm not convinced. Do I think he ever has done inappropriate things with underage boys? Mmmmaybe.

But, y'know what? I don't care. Meaning -- this really shouldn't be news, not if the countless other child molestation trials going on every day in this country aren't news. You can bet a lot more of those anonymous defendants get convicted. And yes, crappy prosecution case and sleazebag plaintiffs aside, I do think that Michael Jackson's fame had more than a little bit to do with his acquital -- q.v. Robert Blake, OJ Simpson, et al. Although I was never really convinced that one of those two was guilty, either. Two guesses which one.

On the bright side, the whole MJ thing will fade away now, until the next indictment. If Jackson's handlers are smart, they'll never let him get within five miles of a twelve year-old boy again. And, if they stay in Santa Maria, you can be sure that Sneddon will have his dogs snooping intently for anything weird. Sneddon, after all, obviously has an agenda. He's still pissed about getting dissed in Leave Me Alone. But, other than those annying analysts pulling answers out of their butts to the question, "Will Michael Jackson be able to resume his career and pick up the pieces?" he's going to drop out of the news cycle real fast.

Cue the next missing white woman, please. Anything to distract us from the Downing Street Memo and other Administration War Crimes, seventeen hundred plus Americans dead in Iraq, the impending return of the Draft, etc., etc.

Celebrity trials and missing white women are just buckets of sand. That makes the American public the ostrich.

We now return this blog to news that's actually important.

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