Tuesday, June 21, 2005

From the Dark Side 

UPDATE: Whores. Apparently, you can only sign the card if you send the prez money. Fucking bastards. Of course, the minimum amount you can send is $1.01. Probably costs them more to collect that than it's worth. But, still, it's another example of Republican hide in the sand bullshit. If they had any balls at all, they'd let anyone at all sign the eCard. But, they don't and they won't. So, I guess we'll have to settle for the regular email address to send our Downing Street message.

But, Jesus. Wingnuts have no fucking balls. The truth? They can't handle the truth...

I'm on the RNC's mailing list mainly as a way to keep track of the nasty they spread, but a recent missive from them gave me a thought:
Please help the Republican National Committee celebrate a very special birthday on July 6th.

Join Republicans from across the country in wishing President Bush a Happy Birthday by adding your name to the RNC's e-card. As one of our Party's strongest supporters, I know the President will be delighted to receive your warm thoughts and kind words on his birthday.
I find that last sentence amusing. I ain't never sent 'em a dime...

But here's the idea. Go on and add your name to the card. Or, rather, a name. I suggest Downing St. Memo. The perfect birthday greeting for the Commander in Chimp Thief.

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