Sunday, June 05, 2005

Impeachment Now 

So, tell me again -- why is lying about a blowjob an impeachable offense, while lying to start a war (via Daily Kos) is not?

My only complaint is that John Kerry is the wrong choice to try to bring the Downing Street Memo to national attention -- because it gives the Repugs the obvious spin handle of "He lost the election, he's just bitter." This job should have been given to Ted Kennedy, who will never run for president -- even though, no matter which Democrat raises the issue, you can be sure that Fox News will be screaming "partisan." (It would have been nice if they could have found an Independent to do it, but there are only, what, two independent Congresscritters?)

But, anyway... fuck partisan. This isn't a partisan issue. It's a clean-cut case of a president twisting the facts and lying in order to invade a sovereign nation. Say all you want about Saddam Hussein being evil; it doesn't matter. America does not do business this way. If George Bush had told Congress, "You know what? Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, but he's evil, and whether he has WMD or not doesn't matter, we should take him out," fine. But he didn't. He lied, Congress caved, and over sixteen hundred Americans died.

And the Downing Street Memo is far more damning than any stained blue dress. If Monica Lewinski was enough to get Clinton impeached (unsuccessfully), the Downing Street Memo is enough to get Bush and Cheney hanged.

And it's up to every patriotic American to call up their senator and demand an investigation, demand impeachment, demand justice.

Never mind that the source of the outrage is John Kerry. The real source of the outrage is what was recorded in the Downing Street Memo.

Bush Lied. People Died. Period. Call your senator now. Demand action. Demand justice.

If lying about a blowjob equals impeachment, lying to start a war should equal high treason. And W has done more to tarnish the office of the Presidency than Bill Clinton could have ever done with a handle of Jack and fistful of Viagra.

Take back America. Demand impeachment now. It's your patriotic duty, whether you're a red or a blue.

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