Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Leo Yes, Tom No 

Far too much has been made in the news the last couple of days about Tom Cruise getting squirted in the face with water by a British comedy show crew at the London premiere of War of the Worlds. Far, far too much -- and I found Cruise's reaction to be way out of line. It was fucking water, dude. Oh, you got wet. Boo-hoo. Makes me think that he really hasn't been taking his Scientology training seriously because, from what I understand of that... um... system, if his reactive mind were under control, a little water in the face would mean nothing to him. And yet, to perpetuate the story, they now report that he's considering legal action against the squirter.

Give me a fucking break. I'm sure Mr. Cruise has been squirted in the face plenty of times before and didn't sue. And he certainly got off easier than Leo DiCaprio, who was hit in the head with a beer bottle by a crazed woman crashing a party. DiCaprio wound up with fourteen stitches, and is pressing charges -- as well he should.

Leo was assaulted. Tom was not. Unless you count assault against a fragile ego as a crime. But, the more he whines about it, the more ridiculous he looks. Combine that with the infamous Oprah appearance, and I think he's in danger of putting his own career right in the toilet.

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